Our History

In 2015 I adopted a Maltese puppy we called Kaya (meaning Pure in Japanese). She spent many happy years on various adventures and in an instant became the favorite family member. Unfortunately, very soon after we got her, she went through phases of suffering with various infections and always had something going on. I was adamant to do everything in my power to make her have the happiest healthiest time with us and would have stopped at no lengths to ensure I did everything I possibly could to get her health back to where it should be.

That’s when canine and pet nutrition became my subject of expertise. I have since committed myself to a lifelong mission of continued research and wellness of pets through nutrition and best care practices Kaya was a fussy little princess and never settled for anything less than the best meals and treats & now we get to share them with many more of our four-legged friends! We have worked with some brilliant vets and nutritionists to make delicious, quality recipes using
wholesome ingredients and just like that, Kaya’s Kitchen was born.

Sadly, she is no longer with us due to a rare brain condition, but we’re still making her favorite recipes, along with some new tasty recipes she would have approved of. My now 5 dogs have become our Chief Tasters. They can be found nibbling their way through endless packs of treats, all in the name of research (of course!).
Kaya is the reason that Kayas Kitchen is here today. Whilst she’s no longer with us, the special relationship we had will always be at the heart of everything we do. Pets are family and they deserve nothing but best.