1. How do I make an order on the Website?

It’s easy. Go to the tab “Products” and scroll through the list. Each time you find an item you want to buy, simply click on the “Add To Cart” button and when you’ve finished shopping, go to the check-out section and your order will be waiting for you to review. Once you have filled out your address and shipping information, simply click “Confirm Order” and your secure order is completed. 


  1. Can I place an order over phone, text, or social media?

Yes, if you wish to make an order over the phone simply call us on +256 709 777774 and we'll happily place your order for you, as well as answering any questions that you may have. You can text us as well. If you prefer social media, you can text us on the same number on Whatsapp and request for catalogue, where you can go through our list of products, put them to cart and order. We will contact you for delivery details.


You can also order via Facebook or Instagram. Simply Direct Message us and we will reply you to get your delivery details. Orders will be delivered at most by 48 hours after being placed.


  1. What payment methods are available?


When you order, we get you location details. Our reliable delivery people collect cash when products get to your doorstep. You can also pay via mobile money on the number +256 709 777774.


  1. How soon will my order be delivered?

At Kaya’s World we are very proud of our delivery time. We do our best to dispatch all orders as quickly as possible and you should expect your delivery within 1 working day from the date it was placed.


  1. How much food/treats do I feed my pet?

Pets, especially dogs have a reputation for being obsessed with eating, which makes treats a powerful and effective tool to communicate with your dog. Cats too can be trained with use of treats. This makes treats essential when communicating approval to your pet. Typically, treats should not make us more than ten percent (10%) of your pet’s diet.

One must be careful not to overfeed your pet. Overfeeding your pet can lead to issues including tummy aces, runny stool and eventually weight gain and its’s complications. Kaya’s Kitchen pet food and treats have various ingredients since our pet food varies from food to food.

The foods and treats we produce have a feeding guideline on the bag. Please remember that this is only a guideline and like ourselves, all pets come in all shapes and sizes so please weigh your pet for a more accurate guide.


  1. What treats do you recommend for my pet?

Whether your pooch is a power chewer or your kitten is a fussy eater, Kaya’s kitchen has a wide variety of fantastic, natural oven backed gourmet treats for your fur baby. All our treats are low in calories but big in flavor so your pet will surely love them. Our jerky treats are 100% oven dried meat with no additives nor artificial flavors.  all our treats crunchy, making them not only delicious, but they also act as a toothbrush, scraping off plaque and tartar from your pet’s teeth and ensuring their teeth and gums remain healthy.


  1. My dog has a sensitive stomach. What should I feed him?

Some dogs have sensitive stomachs and could be allergic to certain animal proteins. Your pooch may be refusing all kinds of food you put before them because they are in pain or become lethargic after meals. When your fur baby continuously refuses their food, we recommend to try switching their diet to more organic, natural wholesome food.

Kaya’s Kitchen kibble is a superfood for all size and breeds of dogs. Made with wholesome ingredients like chickpea, lentils, quinoa, pumpkin, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, spinach and chicken liver among others, the food enriches your pooch with all the nutrients required as well nourishing you pooch.

We also recommend Kaya’s Kitchen Vegan kibble for extra sensitive dogs. Dogs are omnivorous and Kaya’s Kitchen Vegan kibble is a well-balanced meal for a dog sensitive stomach or that is allergic to animal protein. The kibble is hypoallergenic, easily digestible and anti-inflammatory.

  1. What toy do you recommend for my pet?

For dogs, toys are not a luxury but a necessity as they provide mental and physical stimulation and assist in fulfilling a dog’s emotional and physical needs. Just like humans, dogs can get easily bored and its essential to provide the appropriate toys for a healthy mind and for them to stay in top physical shape. It is essential to provide the right toy for their age.

For younger dogs, they have a habit of chewing on almost everything. If you don’t provide them with the appropriate toy, they may chew on your furniture. Providing them with a sturdy and strong chew toy will relieve their boredom and keep them occupied.  We recommend Kaya’s Kitchen Olive Wood chews. They are naturally harvested from close-grained olive trees which means they are dense and compact in structure. The Olive Wood chews are then graded, dried and sanded and treated with olive oil to create a wholesome, safe and satisfying chew toy for your best friend.


For a dog that has progressed beyond the chewing stage, they will love toys that provide a challenge and offer a small reward. We recommend toys that can be stuffed with treats so they will be entertained for hours while enjoying little treats. Kong toys stuffed with Kaya’s Kitchen treats and dog friendly pooch butter is perfect for your fur baby.


Tug toys are also a great way to provide the dog with stimulation and to bond with your furry friend. Kaya’s Kitchen Tug toys are locally handmade from recycled material and are a fun toy for any dog of any age.


Despite cats having a reputation of being nonchalant and dismissive, they too require mental and physical stimulation. Play is important for their physical and mental enrichment just like dogs, which is especially important for indoor cats who may not get as much stimulation like outside cats. Play also helps enforce your cat’s good habits and means they will be less prone to behavioral issues like scratching  on furniture and shoes.


For cats, we recommend wand or string toys where they can mimic their natural instincts of stalking and pouncing on their prey. They get excitement from catching the toy and can provide entertainment for both your kitty and you.


We also recommend Kaya’s Kitchen Catnip infused toys for that extra stimulation. Although its up to genetics of how you cat may react to Catnip, these will keep your cat in a euphoric state, then the effects will wear off. We also provide catnip spray so next time your fur baby is bored, simply spray on their favorite toy.



  1. How often do I need to treat my pet for fleas and ticks?

Fleas and ticks are a nuisance to our pets and if left untreated can cause serious health implications to our fur babies. They are quite common and will bite, suck blood and make them uncomfortable and itchy. Fleas and ticks are also associated to tapeworms and other serious diseases like Lymes disease which can kill your pet. More to this, fleas can also bite us humans and cause itchy and uncomfortable swellings on the skin.


We recommend treating for fleas and ticks on your pet every month. Kaya’s kitchen Flea and Tick spray is a natural flea & tick repellent for dogs. Made with a blend of Witch Hazel and essential oils like lavender, lemongrass, citronella, rose geranium, frankincense and peppermint oil, it contains NO DEET, pyrethrins, or synthetic pesticides. This natural flea & tick spray for dogs and cats repels with a simple spritz.


For cats we recommend Kaya’s Kitchen Dry powder. It is formulated to treat the causes of the Flea and Tick infestation, not just the symptoms! Made from diatomaceous powder, the particles of the powder attach to the tiny exo-skeletons of the fleas and ticks and leave them dehydrated. Diatomaceous earth is sharp and will cut holes in the flea or tick’s body. It is also extremely absorbent and will dehydrate the pest, causing it to die. The blend of essential oils leaves the pets, the furniture and their beds free of bugs and they will smell wonderful.


  1. How often can I wash my dog?

Giving your dog regular baths is very important as it promotes good hygiene and keeps away pesky parasites that will be inconveniencing your pooch. Washing them will clean away the dirt they will have piled on from happy activity outdoors, and a good shampoo can promote a healthy coat.

How often you wash your dog depends on the breed, area you stay and the daily activities of the dog. For a dog with normal skin, we recommend not more than one month. Kaya’s Kitchen 6 in 1 Conditioning Shampoo is highly recommended for your fur friend. It is all natural and will not irritate your dog even if he licks his fur after the bath. Made with natural products and a blend of essential oils, the shampoo will cleanse, condition, detangle the fur, moisturize his coat, sooth his skin and most of all-Eliminate fleas and ticks!